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Threading Space 

Fall 2023, Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition

In collaboration with You Li, Ramarko Bhattacharya, Harrison Dong, and Ken Nakagaki

Threading Space develops spatial experiences by dynamically and geometrically reconfiguring physical lines. Using a swarm of mobile robots on the floor and ceiling to control lines of thread, the work explores how human’s spatial perception can be manipulated. The interplay of reconfiguring, twisting and aligning threads as a unified swarm creates an installation of architectural scale, offering insights into our perception of physical space and reality through the medium of physical and actuated abstractions.

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 18.33.jpg

Liquid Material Display

Spring 2023, Practice in Art and Technology

In collaboration with Charlie Donnely

How can material properties be used to convey information? How can we make intangible information physical? Our world has moved from objects (things) to data (non-things) and we’ve become obsessed with analyzing it in all of its forms. This exhibit presents a meaningful alternative way to represent digital data: through a controlled-yet spontaneous robotic performance which incorporates narrative and human subjectivity.

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 02.52_edited.jpg

Ceramics Analysis

Fall 2022, Ceramics Analysis in Archaeology

The Wizz Vasea Visual Representation of Cultural Intersection in Nubian Pottery

The “Wizz Vase” creates quite a first impression. This piece of ceramic, dated 900 AD, is considered one of the most important artefacts found at the Qasr el-Wizz Monastery and is a staple example of Classic Christian Nubian Pottery.  In this work, I lay out a thorough analysis of this vessel – both visual and contextual – to draw significance on the complex cultural and historical setting from which it was sourced. 

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